Edward C. Melhuish

Ted-Melhuish copyProf. Edward Melhuish

Birkbeck, University of London
e-mail: e.melhuish@bbk.ac.uk

Edward Melhuish does research on understanding cognitive, social and communicative development in childhood particularly environmental influences through the use of longitudinal studies.  His interests include early childhood education and care; parenting; the longer term effects upon educational and social outcomes of early experience, and the linking of child development and social policy.  He has substantial experience of multi-disciplinary research involving cooperation both with social scientists and biological and medical scientists.  He has undertaken research in 12 countries.  His research has influenced policy on childcare, early education, child poverty and parental support in the UK and other countries.  He is an internationally recognised expert in the study of child development and social policy and has been a scientific advisor in the UK, Finland, Portugal, South Korea, Chile, Australia, Canada and the European Commission, OECD and WHO..

Selection of journal articles from over 200 publications
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