Thomas Moser

Thomas Moser

Thomas MoserProfessor, Mag. Dr.
University College of Southeast Norway
Faculty of Humanities and Education
Department of Early Childhood Education and Professional Development
P.O Box 235, N-3603 Kongsberg, Norway
tel: +47 31 00 85 65

Tomas is professor in sports science at Vestfold University College, Faculty of Education. He also holds an adjunct professorship (Special pedagogy) at the Reading Centre, University of Stavanger.  He earns a Master of Science (magister) at the University in Vienna (1984) and a PhD in sport psychology at the German Sports University in Cologne (2000). Since 2003 his main interest is early childhood education. His current research foci are quality in early childhood education as well as space, body and movement in relation to learning and development.

Thomas was the head of the committee for revising the Norwegian curriculum framework for kindergarten appointed  (2004-2005) and is a cofounder and board member of the «National Research School for Teacher Education – NAFOL» and national research network “Children and Space”.  He also was a cofounder and research manager at the Early Childhood (Kindergarten) Research Centre at Vestfold University College.  Scientific, developmental and pedagogical publications include about 160 papers, articles, reports, textbook chapters, reviews and books.

Utvalgte publikasjoner

  • Moser, T. & Reikerås, E. (2016). Motor-Life-Skills of Toddlers – a comparative Study of Norwegian and English Boys and Girls applying The Early Years Movement Skills Checklist  (EYMSC). European Early Childhood Education Research Journal, 24(1), 115-135.;  DOI:10.1080/1350293X.2014.895560
  • Nyquist, A., Moser, T. & Jahnsen, R. (2016, January 14th). Fitness, Fun and Friends: Physical Activity in Children with Disabilities:  Achievable for Children with Disabilities? International Journal of Disability Development and Education, 1-23. DOI:10.1080/1034912X.2015.1122176;
  • Broekhuizen, M., Leseman, P., Moser, T. & van Trijp, K. (2015). CARE-Curriculum Quality Analysis and Impact Review of European ECEC. Deliverable 6.2: Stakeholders Study. Values, beliefs and concerns of parents, staff and policy representatives regarding ECEC services in nine European countries. First report on parents. Report to the European Commission, 30.6.2015.
  • Reikerås, E., Moser, T. & Tønnessen, F.E. (2015, July 24th). Mathematical skills and motor-life-skills in toddlers: Do differences in mathematical skills reflect differences in motor skills? European Early Childhood Education Research Journal
  • Hogsnes, H.D. & Moser, T. (2014). Forståelser av gode overganger og opplevelse av sammenheng mellom barnehage, skole og sfo [Understandings of good transitions and sense of coherence between kindergartens, schools and after school]. Nordisk Barnehageforskning [Journal of Nordic Early Childhood Education Research], 7(6), 1-23.
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